What you need to do to install the game

  • Download and InstallUltima Online (Monday’s Legacy)
  • Download dee-PK file pack
  • Download Orion Launcher
  • Unzip dee-PK file pack
  • Copy files from dee-PK folder
  • Past files from dee-PK folder to Ultima Online ML (c: \ program files \ ea games \ Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy \)
  • Delete file “transerv.exe” in Ultima Online folder.
    If u are using Windows 10 make sure to set the Compatibility to Windows XP for Client 2.0.3
  • Open Login.cfg and change to LoginServer =,2593
  • Open Client 2.0.3. and join the game!

    Enjoy Game !!!


Shard Rules

  • PK & Kill on Sight is allowed
  • You are not allowed to block players and monsters with anything than yourself
  • Third Party Tools are allowed for Quality of Life and Macroing
  • You are not allowed to autoloot corpses
  • You are not allowed to gather any TIX / RESCOURCES / LOOT while beeing afk or not playing active
  • You are not allowed to steal or kill in other players houses
  • You are not allowed to abuse any bugs you find and not communicating the bug immediately to the staff
  • If you violate against these rules, your account can be banned immediately, so make sure you stick to those rules.



.home home – Use this if you are dead and can’t find a ressgate etc.
.vote – Vote for us daily and get a reward
.healself – Heals yourself with bandages from your inventory
.sac – Sacrifice a corpse to get tix
.autosac – Sacrifice all corpses around you
.showxp – Shows your current level tix and bonus damage
. acctix – Create tix check
.c on / .c off – Turn on / off world chat
.c – Talk in world chat
.stuck – If you are stuck use this command to get help
.gate – Runebook Gate travel toggle.
.undress– Undress your Char from ALL Clothes
.gsay – Use Guildchat
.glist – List Players from your Guild. (Where)
.ghelp – Guild Help Request
.pass – Change your Password
.savestats – Save your stats so you can care of bugs yourself!
.loadstats – loads your saved stats…

.online – You can see online contacts ..

Party Chat:
Type “/ 7 your text” to write in a party.

Come – Summons the pet or hireling to your location.
Follow – A targeting cursor will appear. You can click on yourself or someone else.
Friend – A targeting cursor will appear. Click on the character you wish to mark as a friend.
Guard – Commands the pet or hireling to guard you. Pets will only guard their owners.
Kill, Attack – A targeting cursor will appear allowing you to indicate the creature to be attacked.
Transfer – A targeting cursor will appear. Click on the character you wish to mark as the new owner.
Stop – Cancels any current orders to guard or follow.

Bank – Opens your bank box.

I resign from my guild – Removes you from a guild.

New Players (Young):
.youngremove – If you want to leave Young Flag.

Claim / Retrieve – The stablemaster will return any pets that you have stabled with him
Stable (target required) – Stables the targeted pet with the stablemaster.

Vendor Buy – The Vendor show you what he sell.
Vendor Sell – The Vendor show what he will buy from you.
Vendor Train – The Vendor show what he can learn you.

Guards – Call the guards in protected Citys.

Forward – Moves the ship forward.
Stop – Stops current ship movement.
Drop anchor – Toggles ship movement off.
Raise anchor – Toggles ship movement on.
Turn left – Left turn.
Turn right – Right turn.
Turn around – Turn around and proceed.
Forward left – Move in the direction indicated.
Slow forward, slow left, slow right, slow backwards, slow back – Move as directed.
One forward, one left, one right, one backwards, one back – Move slightly in the direction indicated, then stop.

Ask other Players on Discord for further informations.

Connection Data